What Sets Us Apart for Opiate Detoxification?

If you have already begun the search for an opiate treatment facility, you probably know that there are many options out there. The top attributes that you should look for in such a program include:

  • Safety – This is of utmost importance because opiate detox and withdrawal can be dangerous.
  • Successful track record – Proven results should reflect a successful detox and evidence of a sustained recovery.
  • Individually tailored programs – There is no cookie cutter formula that leads to a successful outcome.
  • Confidentiality – Privacy before, during and after treatment is essential to success.
  • Compassionate treatment – Patients need to feel respected and encouraged throughout the process.
  • Continued care – Once detox is complete, patients should follow up with an aftercare program.

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Patients Can Quickly Turn Around Their Lives With our Detox program

We have established our reputation around the world as a leader in the field of opiate detoxification. Our patients move forward in life, opiate free and better able to handle the stressors that may have contributed to their problem.

Our professional staff evaluates potential patients to make sure they're medically suitable for our procedure. Because opiate detox is serious and may cause complications, our procedure happens in the security of a accredited hospital.

Treatment Differences

We are a leader in the field of rapid opiate detox for a reason. We offer unparalleled treatment that doesn't cut corners. We offer a professional, medical treatment that has become the gold standard in the industry.

Addiction Vs Dependency

Opiate dependence is a serious matter and we treat it as such. We don't minimize this issue by pretending that all of your problems will magically disappear overnight. Once your body is physically detoxed from opiates, there is more work to be done.

Our After Care Facility

Oftentimes, people who have had serious issues with prescription painkiller addiction will need work to restore their psychological and emotional well-being. We can assist in this transition by providing services that are individually tailored to meet specific needs.

Our Rapid Detox: How It Works

Patients arrive at least a day or two ahead of the procedure to undergo a full physical and mental evaluation. Tests are run to determine if there are underlying issues that may have contributed to opiate dependency or have been caused by it. Patients are then stabilized and prepped for the procedure.

This involves the administration of intravenous medicine that wipes out the physical opiate dependency at the receptor sites. Patients are under deep sedation during the procedure, which lasts little more than an hour. The process accelerates opiate withdrawal and most symptoms develop and pass while patients are sedated.

Long-Term Success Requires Some Work On The Part Of The Patient

Our commitment to patients doesn't end with detox. We monitor patients closely during the post detox phase. This helps ensure that patients are safe and comfortable for the journey ahead.

Most patients hope that since they've been suffering so long already, detox will be the end of the hard road. While we would love to waive a magical wand and undo all the damage that opiate addiction can cause, it takes time for patients to become whole again.

Our aftercare program matches the expert care we provide during the treatment. Our Aftercare Program offers optional and continuing care that helps patients make the transition to recovery. Patients learn the coping and other skills necessary to return to life in a healthy and productive way.