A problem with opiate addiction can be serious but fortunately, there are safe options that can quickly eliminate the source. Rapid opiate detoxification can be a timely and safe alternative to lengthy programs that incorporate other forms of detox or rehabilitation.

We have pioneered and perfected this treatment that involves the administration of intravenous medication under deep sedation. The medication quickly eliminates the physical opiate addiction and speeds up withdrawal. This allows patients to avoid a painful and drawn-out post-detox withdrawal.

How We Differ From Other Rapid Detox Companies

In recent years, many companies have sprung up, offering treatment that is meant to emulate our rapid detox program for opiate dependency. While this is flattering, it should be noted that some companies take shortcuts that jeopardize health and safety.

The key to our safety and success rate lies in the professionalism that is the cornerstone of our detox program. Board-certified anesthesiologists have treated patients from around the world with much success. Our procedure is not offered in some back alley clinic, but rather in a nationally accredited hospital where patients can be monitored around the clock.

All Patients Deserve Comprehensive Care That Is Tailored For Their Needs

Patients check in a few days before the procedure to undergo comprehensive testing to determine underlying health problems. Once they are stabilized, the detox is performed and patients are monitored in the Intensive Care Unit by a professional medical team. We don't send patients home or to a hotel to recover during this critical time.

Patient privacy is also important to us. We never compromise on this, and patients can trust that we won't let them down. Also, every patient is treated on an individual basis. We want to provide the most compassionate and tailored care because we know this gives patients a better chance at reaching long-term recovery from opiates.

Humane Treatment And Aftercare Assures That Patients Are Treated With Respect

People who have suffered any length of time with opiate addiction can rest assured that there are professionals who care about their health and wellbeing. Our staff has dedicated itself to this cause and insists on providing humane detox and aftercare.

We offer a smooth transition in our aftercare facility, a private and tranquil center where patients can recuperate before returning home. Here, patients can develop a long-term recovery strategy with our doctors, therapists and holistic specialists. We are here to serve you during a difficult time and reinforce what you probably already know – that your life is worth living to the fullest.