Pregnancy can be a precarious time for women who have been taking opiates including OxyContin. These drugs are potent opiates that have the ability to be habit forming and to cause dependency. Many women who take opiates due so for pain control. Some women abuse these medications for the euphoria they can induce.

Either way, women who are taking opiates when they become pregnant need to become aware of the risks and treatment options. It is not advised that women try to stop taking opiates during pregnancy without talking to a doctor. He or she will be able to address what a patient should do about small dosages of certain medications.

Women who have been taking OxyContin, however, are strongly discouraged from stop "cold turkey" or from other detox methods. This can put the mother and unborn child in jeopardy. Risks include pre-term birth, low birth weight, miscarriage and developmental problems.

Methadone Is Preferred Treatment For Pregnant Women On OxyContin

For this reason, rapid detox is unable to treat pregnant women. Any detox program should turn down treatment for pregnant women in the interest of safety. The preferred course of treatment is methadone maintenance therapy. Methadone is an opiate replacement that is thought to have less abuse potential. It also helps patients to avoid withdrawal and cravings and is thought to be much safer for a fetus. Babies born to mothers who use methadone will likely display signs of withdrawal after birth but this can be managed.

Most doctors say the benefits of methadone maintenance outweigh the potential risks of continuing OxyContin treatment or stopping altogether. As for traditional detox or rapid opiate detox, doctors have found that risks outweigh benefits during pregnancy. Methadone can be habit forming and can turn into long-term treatment. People who are on long-term methadone treatment don't have the chance to become truly opiate free.

Once the baby is born, women with pain issues are able to return to therapy with opiates. Women who had been abusing opiates can decide to continue methadone therapy once the baby arrives. Or, they may want to get off opiates altogether.

Rapid Opiate Detox Can Help Women After They Give Birth

Our doctors has extensive experience treating patients who are addicted to opiates of any kind. Our rapid opiate detox uses intravenous medication under sedation to eliminate the physical opiate dependency at receptor sites. This procedure is accomplished in under two hours and helps people recover physically in a short amount of time. Many, if not all, of withdrawal symptoms develop and pass during sedation. Aftercare is also available.

If you are pregnant and using opiates, consult a doctor for guidance. If you have recently had a baby after taking methadone, call us today to find out how to become opiate free, once and for all.