The Clarity Institute has been committed to safety and success in our rapid opiate detox program. People from all over the world have put their trust in us for more than a decade. Our procedure is performed in a fully accredited hospital in southern California, but our commitment to you doesn't end there.

Board-certified professionals in our program believe that recovery is a lasting process. Once the detox is complete, we strongly recommend that patients follow up with some form of opiate rehab or aftercare. This helps patients to explore the psychological impact that opiate addiction has had in their lives. It also provides the lasting support and encouragement that is so needed at this time.

Rapid Opiate Detox and Aftercare Can Provide Patients Long-Term Success

Opiate dependence and opiate addiction can devastate lives quickly. Getting back on track is not an easy task but it doesn't have to be a brutal one. Rapid detox under deep sedation can quickly eliminate the physical addiction but follow-up work is recommended to help patients make a smooth transition.

The problems that lead to opiate addiction, along with the problems that stem from it, cannot be undone overnight. Patients need some time to learn how to live in a new way – without opiates. The length of time for aftercare can vary depending on the patients. Treatments in aftercare can include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Meetings based on the 12-step model
  • Biofeedback
  • Holistic treatments such as yoga, massage or acupuncture
  • Adjustments that address chronic pain with non-opiate solutions
  • Behavioral modification

Our Aftercare Facility Picks Up Where Detox Leaves Off

The rehabilitation or aftercare period is meant to provide support in a non-judgmental way. Patients can explore their feelings and fears about the future, and find support among people who are experiencing the same things. Our Rapid detox program is further enhanced by our optional care in our aftercare center. This aftercare facility provides a private and tranquil getaway where patients can focus on themselves and get individual attention.

Our aftercare facility prides itself on offering the most humane treatment for the post-detox period. Patients are welcomed enthusiastically and treated with respect by every member of our staff. It's not our place to pass judgment or make you feel guilty or shamed. Our only goal is to facilitate wellness and help patients fix what's become broken.

Life after Rehabilitation Should Include Ongoing Support

Because opiate recovery is an ongoing process, our medical professionals encourage patients to continue with therapy when they return home. If necessary, we can help to set you up with a professional in your area to provide ongoing support. Here, patients can learn to live effectively outside the bubble of rehab and to move forward with a healthy and productive life.

Support for patients and family members can also be found in 12-step meetings that focus on narcotics addiction.