Rapid detoxification under anesthesia is a proven treatment to remedy the problem of opiate dependence. This type of detox uses intravenous medications, which help to flush the opiates quickly from receptors in the body. This helps to also eliminate the pain and suffering that is so common during opiate withdrawal. Many of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms pass while patients are sedated. This takes place in an accredited hospital where patients have access to board certified doctors who know what they're doing.

Our rapid drug detox has revolutionized the industry by providing a professional approach to this skyrocketing problem. Our safe and humane treatment has received worldwide acclaim for helping patients from around the world get their lives back.

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What Sets Us Apart for Opiate Detoxification?

Our opiate addiction program is open to people who have become dependent upon prescription medications such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and Demerol. Our private and discreet services include:

  • Pre-screening in an accredited medical facility where tests are performed to rule out possible problems and determine if underlying factors are at play. This includes blood work, physical exam, psychological evaluation and urine screen.
  • Admission to one of our hospitals where the procedure detox will be performed.
  • This safe procedure is performed, often in less than two hours, and adheres to strict safety standards. Accelerated withdrawal happens during the procedure, helping patients avoid a difficult and painful withdrawal.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring by doctors and nurses who understand the needs of the patient. They keep patients stable and help them avoid complications.
  • Post-detox treatment to help patients make the transition easier. We never send our patients to a hotel or home to recover after detox. We know that this period of time needs to be monitored by professionals.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements and accommodations for loved ones who are traveling with you. We can also arrange transportation to and from local airports.
  • Rapid detox followed up by aftercare. Here, we offer support and encouragement to help with the transition. Services offered include counseling, biofeedback, yoga, massage and acupuncture and the opportunity to correct nutritional and hormonal imbalances that may have developed.

Treatment Differences

We are a leader in the field of rapid opiate detox for a reason. We offer unparalleled treatment that doesn't cut corners. We offer a professional, medical treatment that has become the gold standard in the industry.

Addiction Vs Dependency

Opiate dependence is a serious matter and we treat it as such. We don't minimize this issue by pretending that all of your problems will magically disappear overnight. Once your body is physically detoxed from opiates, there is more work to be done.

Our After Care Facility

Oftentimes, people who have had serious issues with prescription painkiller addiction will need work to restore their psychological and emotional well-being. We can assist in this transition by providing services that are individually tailored to meet specific needs.

Why Choose Rapid Detox Program?

We know you have many choices when it comes to opiate detoxification. As a leader in the field of rapid drug detox, We have the expertise to treat patients quickly, safely and effectively. We have a proven track record for safety and success.

The main points of difference when considering other forms of opiate treatment are:

  • QUICK TREATMENT that doesn't require a commitment of weeks or months.
  • SAFETY is monitored at every level and patients are stabilized before, during and after the medical procedure.
  • PRIVACY of our patients is of utmost concern. Your identity and medical information are guarded closely from day 1 and will never be compromised.
  • We know our patients didn't intend to become dependent upon their prescription medication. WE TREAT EVERY PATIENT HUMANELY and never use shame or guilt in our treatment or recovery process. Compassionate treatment is the cornerstone of success in recovery.