OxyContin Uses

Legal use of OxyContin within the parameters of a prescription can provide effective relief for around-the-clock pain. Unfortunately, this medication has a high abuse potential and is often used recreationally for the euphoria it can produce. OxyContin contains oxycodone, a narcotic medication that is potent and can be dangerous when abused.

OxyContin is indicated to treat moderate to severe pain that is persistent and expected to last. It is the controlled release version of oxycodone and can be taken every 12 hours for relief. Many people who are prescribed OxyContin have diseases such as cancer or degenerative conditions that leave patients in constant pain.

OxyContin is not meant for people with post-operative pain unless those people had an OxyContin prescription beforehand. This potent opiate is also not meant for treatment on an as-needed basis. Doctors should always prescribe the lowest dosage possible and may adjust this based on the effectiveness the patient experiences. The three highest dosages of OxyContin are only meant for individuals who are already opiate tolerant.

The Ugly Side of OxyContin Use

Since it was introduced to the market in 1996, OxyContin has brought with it many problems. Problems with abuse, addiction and accidental death have reached epidemic levels and this has put a strain on law enforcement, legal and treatment professionals.

While OxyContin can be taken safely with close monitoring from a physician, it can also be deadly in the wrong hands. Misuse or abuse of opiates can quickly lead to addiction. Crimes associated with this problem can include pharmacy theft and diversion, doctor shopping (visiting multiple doctors to secure a large supply), personal and property crimes and drug dealing.

The black market is rife with the illicit trade of OxyContin. This drug commands a high price on the street and this has prompted some people with financial problems to sell their pills. People who become addicted to OxyContin often switch to heroinat some point because it is a cheaper alternative.

OxyContin Addiction Can Be Remedied With Professional Opiate Detox

OxyContin addiction can be deadly, stripping people of the health, relationships and careers. There are numerous inpatient and outpatient OxyContin treatment centers that offer a variety of services.

OxyContin withdrawal can be very painful and dangerous as well. This is why patients do best with professional opiate detox that is medically monitored in some way. Opiate detox can help patients quickly overcome this condition. Aftercare can help with the transition, and therapy can help patients work out the psychological issues tied to the condition.