OxyContin Detox Myths

There is plenty of misinformation circulated when it comes to OxyContin Detox. What should be made clear is that detox is a very necessary part of the journey to become opiate free. The body needs to shed its physical dependence to OxyContin in order for it to recover completely.

OxyContin detox can be achieved in a number of ways, some which have proven helpful, some not so much. If you take OxyContin and have become addicted, take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the myths that can keep you from seeking the best treatment.

True Or False? OxyContin Myths Exposed

MYTH: Just because OxyContin is prescribed by a doctor, it must be safe. TRUTH: OxyContin is very powerful, can be habit forming and has a high abuse potential. People who misuse it in any way can experience addiction, overdose or accidental death.

MYTH: I can quit taking OxyContin with sheer will power. TRUTH: Most people find it near impossible to manage the symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal without some type of help.

MYTH: A "cold turkey" approach to OxyContin detox is best. TRUTH: An abrupt end to OxyContin use can be disastrous for people who are addicted. In serious cases, people can experience complications such as seizures, even death. Also, this approach often leads to relapse.

MYTH: Opiate replacement therapy is the best option to treat OxyContin addiction. TRUTH: Many people find treatment with Suboxone, Subutex or Methadone very helpful when it comes to quitting drugs such as OxyContin. However, these drugs are also opiates. Though they are thought to have less abuse and habit-forming potential, some people will need a second detox from opiate replacements. In addition, many people take these medications for years and are still dependent upon opiates.

MYTH: OxyContin Detox Equals Suffering. TRUTH: If you are addicted, you are already suffering. There have been many advancements in the field of opiate detox that can minimize suffering, such as rapid opiate detox.

MYTH: Rapid Opiate Detox is dangerous and sounds too good to be true. TRUTH: This type of detox, if performed in a safe manner in an accredited hospital, can quickly reverse physical dependence to opiates. This is accomplished through the use of intravenous medications that cleanse opiate receptors. Patients can essentially skip withdrawal, which is accelerated.

MYTH: Once my physical OxyContin addiction is reversed, I am good to go. TRUTH: An addiction of any kind takes a significant toll on a person's psychological state. Detox should be followed up with some sort of aftercare that can address issues through therapy, holistic treatments and other means.

MYTH: I will never be able to recover from OxyContin addiction because it's too hard.

TRUTH: People from all walks of life have found safe and effective treatments that lead to long-term recovery. It's a matter of finding the right program. Explore options, ask questions and do the research. Your well being depends on it.