Our Detox Center For OxyContin

Taking a leap of faith to get help for OxyContin dependence is commendable. That first step is often the hardest. But advances in the field of addiction science and medicine have come a long way and recovery doesn't have to be a long, painful or drawn-out process.

OxyContin is a powerful prescription medication reserved for moderate to severe, around-the-clock pain. People who are dependent or addicted have many treatment options to choose from. Our treatment emerged more than a decade ago and has gained notoriety in the field of opiate treatment.

Many people associate opiate treatment with failure, frustration and suffering. That's why overcoming these was the top priority for company founders. They wanted to develop a treatment that is compassionate and treats patients as the individuals they are.

How It Works

We practice rapid opiate detoxification for opiates including OxyContin, Heroin, Norco and Percocet. The company was founded on the premise that patients deserve the very highest standards of care. Our highly trained staff of anesthesiologists, nurses and other professionals has perfected this treatment to offer lasting results in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, many other "rapid detox" companies can't say the same.

We perform detox under sedation in less than two hours. The treatment accelerates withdrawal so that symptoms develop and pass while patients are anesthetized. This helps them to avoid many, if not all, of the OxyContin withdrawal symptoms notorious with opiate detoxification. During the treatment, patients are given intravenous medication to cleanse the opiates from their system.

Our treatment doesn't take weeks or months, like some other detox programs. And we don't rely on opiate replacements such as Suboxone or methadone to wean patients. That's because we know the majority of patients want to become opiate free immediately, without having to linger for months or years in an opiate maintenance program.

World Class OxyContin Treatment Offered In Convenient U.S. Location

Our southern California facility accepts patients from around the world and offers treatment in an accredited hospital and aftercare in our Domus Retreat. Our world-class facilities and staff of addiction specialists allows for around-the-clock care. We don't send our patients away to recover once the procedure is complete.

Patients are treated with the utmost respect in our program because we know they didn't set out to become dependent upon their pain medication. Once the physical opiate dependency has been eliminated, patients recover for a few days in the hospital. We encourage participation in our optional aftercare program because patients need support to deal with the monumental change they've just gone through.

OxyContin dependence is a serious matter and that's how we treat it. We don't use a "cookie cutter" approach in treating patients. We want you to know there is reason to be hopeful. Make today your first step toward a new life.