OxyContin Without A Prescription

Obtaining OxyContin without a prescription is illegal and dangerous, but it seems to be easier than ever to do. OxyContin diversion has reached epidemic levels and the illicit sale and trade is affecting communities everywhere.

Important Things To Know About OxyContin

First, let's talk about what OxyContin is and what it's intended for. This narcotic drug is powerful and a godsend to many people who suffer with chronic pain. OxyContin is a controlled-release version of oxycodone, an opiate agonist used to manage moderate to severe pain. OxyContin works over a 12-hour period and is meant for around-the-clock pain caused by diseases such as cancer.

Many people find unparalleled relief from OxyContin and it can be taken safely. However, it is considered to have a potential for abuse and addiction similar to that of morphine or heroin. For this reason, patients are urged to take OxyContin only as directed. Any use outside of the recommended guidelines can become problematic.

OxyContin Dangers

OxyContin was introduced to the market in the mid-1990s. Since that time, the number of prescriptions written for this drug has soared. So too have the related cases of abuse, addiction and accidental death. Some people use this medication recreationally for the euphoric rush it can create. This is often done by disabling the controlled-release mechanism – either by chewing, crushing or breaking the tablets to encourage rapid release.

Tampering with this drug can lead to OxyContin overdose, which can be fatal. This can also be brought about by taking too much OxyContin or by combining it with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol or sedatives. People who take too high of a dose of OxyContin without being sufficiently tolerant to opiates can also suffer an overdose.

OxyContin Diversion

There are many ways in which OxyContin ends up on the street. Common ways in which this drug is diverted include:

  • Doctor shopping, or visiting multiple doctors for multiple supplies
  • Theft from a patient who has an OxyContin prescription
  • Pharmacy theft
  • Prescription fraud and forgery
  • "Pill mills" or clinics where patients can receive large supplies of the drug, sometimes without a prescription

Internet And Overseas Sources Of OxyContin Can Be Dangerous

It's dangerous to obtain OxyContin without a valid prescription. This is because you cannot truly know what you're getting. Overseas pharmacies and Internet websites often supply the drug, with few questions asked. Some patients have spent money only to find that they received something other than OxyContin. This also creates a problem because some patients have received the wrong dosage and this can lead to an overdose.

The price for OxyContin on the street has skyrocketed in recent years as demand has gone up. This has caused many people to switch to heroin, which is cheaper. The bottom line is, sources of OxyContin cannot be trusted unless they are prescribed and filled by a reputable doctor and pharmacist.