Codeine Warnings

  • Generic Name or Active Ingridient: Codeine

The warnings that exist about opiates are not put out there to scare you. Many patients take them with success and without complications. Codeine warnings are in place to keep you safe. It's important to stay on top of this information so you can know what to expect while taking codeine and avoid risks.

Whether you take codeine for pain relief or cough suppression, it can become habit forming if taken for too long or in a higher dosage than intended. The most important advice when taking opiates is to always follow directions on use exactly. Risks can be compounded for those people who've had prior issues with dependency or addiction.

Important Things To Remember If You Plan To Take Codeine

The leaflet that comes with each prescription will spell out guidelines for safe use, precautions that should be taken and serious risks. Important things to know are:

  • Prolonged use of codeine or other opiates can lead to habituation.
  • Patients may develop a tolerance, resulting in decreased pain control and the need for increasingly larger dosages.
  • The progression to codeine dependency and addiction can be quick if abuse is involved.
  • Serious allergic reactions can occur, requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Opiates depress the central nervous system. Mixing them with other substances that have this effect could be deadly. Examples include alcohol, other opiates and sedatives.
  • Hyperalgesia, or heightened sensitivity to pain, can develop with opiate use.
  • Codeine addiction is a very serious matter that can develop and progress if the medication is used in an unintended way.

Getting Help With Codeine Abuse, Dependence, Addiction

Codeine can be used safely, without complications. This is best accomplished through informed and monitored use. Recreational use of codeine and other opiates has unfortunately spiked in recent years. If you or someone you know is abusing codeine or has become dependent upon it, professional help may be necessary.

Codeine treatment programs can help you get these issues under control. It can be helpful to speak to a doctor or therapist and be honest about what's going on. He or she can help you to decide if codeine detox or rehab is necessary. There is no reason to suffer or to take risks that jeopardize your health. Help is available today.