Codeine Treatment

  • Generic Name or Active Ingridient: Codeine

Codeine treatment is a necessary step in the recovery process, but making this choice requires some information seeking. However, some people put a lot more effort into other decisions that carry less weight. This is absolutely the time to do some homework. You wouldn't just choose a doctor without knowing something about him or her. And you wouldn't just blindly choose a university without knowing the pros and cons.

Codeine is an opiate, and these drugs can be habit forming. Once you have become addicted, it is difficult to stop taking opiates. But don't give in to the defeatist attitude that you can't do it. Don't let the fear of codeine withdrawal or relapse keep you down. With the right treatment, you can recover fully and in good time.

Take A Proactive Approach To Choosing A Codeine Treatment Program

Suffering is one of the hallmarks of opiate addiction. It doesn't have to continue. Treatment for codeine dependence or addiction can include any number of programs such as detox, rehab, behavioral modifications, psychological counseling and rapid opiate detox.

With each of these options, there are companies doing good work and there are those that offer substandard care. First, you must take into account your own situation and needs. Things like time constraints, careers, relationships and finances should come into play when choosing a codeine treatment that's right for you.

What Are The Options For Safe Codeine Detox?

Medical detox is the safest bet to ensure patients are stable when they begin to come off codeine. This can also help to manage the difficult withdrawal period to make patients comfortable. Access to continuing care is also important to help patients address the psychological, mental and emotional aspects of codeine addiction.

Traditional detox is one option and this can use weaning and/or pharmaceuticals to assist in the process. Some patients find success with this approach, but others complain because it can require a longer commitment than some others. Home detox kits advertised on the Internet are another option, but codeine withdrawal can be a dangerous time and requires oversight.

Rapid opiate detox is a promising option for folks who want safe, complete and quick reversal of their condition. If done by a reputable detox company, this procedure will take place in an accredited hospital, providing close monitoring and oversight. This procedure uses intravenous medicine to wipe out the physical dependency at the receptor sites. This process can minimize, even eliminate, a harsh withdrawal. This is because symptoms develop and pass while patients are under deep sedation.