Codeine Recovery

  • Generic Name or Active Ingridient: Codeine

A codeine dependency requires action on two fronts. First, the physical dependency must be treated with some form of detox to ease the patient back to health in a safe way. If a person has become codeine addicted, he or she will also need some form of rehabilitation or aftercare to address the psychological dependence.

This type of dependency can develop quickly, especially if codeine abuse is involved. This relatively mild painkiller is offered by prescription, sometimes combined with other medication to treat a cough. Regular use can result in a dependency. Prolonged use or abuse can quickly progress to addiction.

The physical dependence can be treated with traditional detox or rapid opiate detox. These methods help to eliminate opiates at the receptor sites. Once this has been successfully completed, the work is not done. Patients will need to adjust and transition because opiate addiction can be devastating to health, lives, careers and relationships.

Codeine Rehab Can Help Patients Adjust Emotionally And Psychologically

Making this adjustment is not always easy. Without the right codeine detox, many people will relapse and begin using or abusing codeine again. The post detox period is critical in terms of the patient's emotional and psychological wellbeing. This is a time for monitoring and support.

A patient who is detoxed and returns home with hopes of moving on with life may be disappointed. Codeine extended support can include an aftercare program in an inpatient facility, a codeine rehab outpatient program and follow-up care with counselors, doctors and other professionals. This can make all the difference.

There are plenty of options for counseling and therapy for people recovering from codeine addiction. Patients may choose to enter a program affiliated with the detox center where they received treatment. They can also be referred by the center to a therapist in their area. Many programs advocate some type of involvement in a 12-step group. This can help patients stay on the right track and learn new ways to cope with life.

Moving Forward: The Devastation of Codeine Addiction Can Be Reversed

Patients who have misused codeine for any length of time can have serious medical issues that require attention before detox. Similarly, it can create lasting devastation in other areas of life that takes time to correct. Long-term healing after opiate addiction is attainable with the right treatment plan.

Patients who are serious about making a change and who are willing to do the work have a great chance at living an opiate free life. Professional codeine treatment is the first step toward a future that is bright and full of health and productivity.