Drug Testing For OxyContin

Last modified: July 31, 2013 07:55:03 AM

OxyContin Drug Tests Can Help Identify A Problem

Blood Testing

Blood Testing

Drug testing to detect the presence of OxyContin can be accomplished at home or in a clinical setting. People who have been abusing this substance may have to go through testing in order to satisfy a court order. In other cases, family members, employers or drug treatment centers may request such a test.

OxyContin can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Many people take it safely and successfully for moderate to severe pain associated with terminal illness or crippling, degenerative conditions.

What You Need To Know About OxyContin

OxyContin is a time-released narcotic painkiller available by prescription. It contains the opiate oxycodone. This medication can offer relief to patients who’ve tried everything else, without success. However, OxyContin quickly became one of the most abused drugs out there after it was introduced to the market in the mid 1990s.

Misuse or abuse of OxyContin can be deadly. It has been responsible for many cases of overdose and accidental deaths. People who begin to take this drug for recreational purposes often find that their behavior quickly escalates. This drug is so powerful when abused that people who become addicted to OxyContin often do so quickly.

What Types Of Tests Are Available To Detect OxyContin Use?

Detecting OxyContin in the system is relatively easy. A number of tests are available to determine whether a person has been taking this drug. OxyContin can be measured by taking a blood, urine, saliva or hair sample. A urine test is considered the most popular. OxyContin levels in urine can be obtained in a medical or laboratory setting, or with a take-home test.

How long OxyContin will stay in the system depends on the person. It is a long-acting medication that is meant to be taken every 12 hours for extended relief. Factors that contribute to this include the dosage used, the person’s individual chemistry and how the drug is metabolized. As with other types of drugs, OxyContin can generally be detected for a longer period of time in hair.

Some OxyContin drug tests only detect use in high concentrations. Some tests, however, can detect use of smaller amounts. Research your options for tests that have the most accurate results. If it’s determined that a loved one has been involved with OxyContin abuse, encourage them to get professional help immediately. OxyContin detox helps patients recover quickly.