Drug Addiction Brings Out the Worst

Addiction produces behavioral, emotional and cognitive changes to patients, that help perpetuate the disease.

People facing drug addiction need all the love and support they can get but, frankly, it can be hard to love an addict. Addiction changes some of the nicest, most successful people into hardened, homeless and hopeless criminals. Sticking by someone you love can be hard when you play second fiddle to a needle or pill.

Addiction makes someone crave drugs and do just about anything to get high, even ripping off the people he loves. At first, the cravings are easy to feed – he just gets a refill from his doctor. Addiction is progressive, which means these cravings get worse, driving the person to take part increasingly in activities that would normally offend or frighten him. He might start stealing from friends or family, for example, or even venturing into buying illegal street drugs.

Using most drugs continually for a long time usually causes the body to grow tolerant of the drug, requiring ever-larger doses to achieve the same effect. As his drug habit grows, so does the cost and his desire. Drug addiction causes financial ruin as the individual tries to keep up with the growing demands of his habit. It is exceptionally difficult to watch your friend become destitute but it is devastating when your spouse, parent, or child brings economic devastation upon your household.

Left unchecked, drug addiction usually results in some form of criminal activity to buy or pay for drugs. Hanging around with criminals can ruin your reputation or even lead to arrest by association – getting caught in the middle of a drug bust or drug deal gone wrong could even be fatal.

Psychoactive drugs get people high and cause other neurological effects that changes how someone thinks, feels, and behaves. At first, he enjoys fuzzy thought processes, feeling exuberant, and having fun. In time, the neurological effects of drug become more permanent and affect his ability to make rational decisions, sort out his emotions, or behave normally. After a while, he begins to consistently make terrible choices, have trouble interacting with others, and react to everyday situations in inappropriate ways. These are not choices or defects in his character – they are side effects of chronic drug use – but they can still make someone unbearable to be around.

The behavioral, emotional, and cognitive changes caused by addiction are not accidental – these alterations serve to perpetuate addiction by first demanding total obedience from the addict then separating him from the people who can save him.

While it may not be easy to love someone struggling with addiction, it is imperative that you try. Russell Brand, international comedian and recovering drug addict, said it best: “The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.”

Is “Celebrity Rehab” a Death Game for Addicted Stars?

"...if you don’t fight for them and they don’t fight for themselves, they definitely won’t make it.’”

Reality TV has come under a lot of fire lately, with critics calling the genre vacuous, superficial, and an engine to promote narcissism.  Others say the format is fake, scripted and that it sensationalizes the boring lives of D-list celebrities, interrupts the lives of regular people, and basically does not perform any service of use other […]

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Opioid-induced Constipation

Approximately 41% of patients receiving opioids for moderate-to-severe pain experienced at least one event of constipation

Opioids, a class of pharmaceuticals that are prescribed for pain relief including morphine, codeine, OxyContin, Vicodin and others, have several negative side effects.  One of the more unpleasant of these side effects is constipation. Constipation is the very infrequent passing of formed stools, or the hardening of stools that are difficult to pass.  There are […]

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Opioid Receptors: How They Work

Opioid Receptors: How They Work

In the media, there is a lot of attention paid to prescription drugs like OxyContin and illegal substances like heroin, and the words opioids and opioid receptors get mentioned often.  However, in most cases these terms are not explained and the general public usually has no idea what opioids and opioid receptors are, and people […]

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AIDS Doctors Call for an End to “War on Drugs”

“You can't end AIDS unless you end the war on drugs. It's dead simple."

Dr. Evan Wood and Dr. Julio Montaner, well-renowned  AIDS specialists from British Columbia, Canada, are joining the growing number of international protesters who claim that the “War on Drugs” is failing to stop the spread of AIDS and is actually a major factor in the disease’s proliferation. Endorsed by those who support the 2010 Vienna […]

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What exactly are “Bath Salts”?

Synthetic cathinone(MDVP, MEphedrone) are marketed as "bath salts" to evade detection by authorities.

The innocuously named “Bath Salts” is actually very potent, highly addictive street drug which has had an enormous amount of media attention lately due to the psychotic and extremely violent behavior of some of those who use it.  Its euphemistic moniker came about due to the fact that the drug looks like regular, every day […]

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Helping an Addict Recover

a family is too emotionally involved to resist the manipulative behavior which is characteristic of drug and alcohol addicts

One of the most traumatizing situations that can occur in a family is the descent of a loved one into the depths and despair of drug or alcohol addiction.  The addict’s personality changes, the relationship dynamic of the household changes, and the emotional, mental atmosphere of the home changes – all for the worse.  However, […]

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Baby Eats Heroin Disguised in Food

A baby eats heroin that was placed in food; and her drug addicted parents are in jail; they may go to Nevada’s drug court.

A drug-addled Nevada couple are in jail hoping to make bail after their infant daughter ate heroin that was somehow placed inside of a peach she was snacking on. The girl, who survived the accidental overdose, was shaking, rolling her eyes, and had blue lips; by the time police had arrived on the scene she […]

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The Misconceptions of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Addiction is not an incurable disease. This is a myth that can actually drive an addict further into addiction

In the news lately, there have been many stories concerning the use of opioids or painkillers; while the number of prescription pill addicts has been decreasing due to abuse-proof versions of medications such as OxyContin and Opana, the number of heroin addicts has been increasing.  Many in the medical field feel that this is occurring […]

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Treatment to be Given to Drug Offenders in NJ

NJ Gov. Chris Christie signs bill into law so more non-violent offenders are eligible for treatment in the state’s criminal justice system.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has put his signature on a bill making it a law that the criminal justice system in the state provide treatment for addicted criminal rather than only focus on time served. The program will be phased in over a five year period, and will make it possible for more non-violent, […]

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